74. The Chosen People...

74 DAYS.  1,776 HOURS.  106,560 MINUTES

Ahhh.  The Classical Period.  Enough of that super ancient historical stuff.  The Foundations era basically is the board upon which we will play the game of AP World HIstory.  Those are the seeds from which we will grow the course.  BUT, even the Classical Period (which your teachers last year were obsessed with) still only counts for 15% of the test.  The rest of the periods are all worth 20% each.  

The Classical Period is divided into three sections (pretty much all of the periods are).  The first one is: 

2.1: The Development & Codification of Religious and Cultural Traditions

Translation: World Religions.  So, we are gonna break them down one by one... Let's start with the Grandaddy of them all...

Judaism is the basis for the world's two largest religions (Christianity & Islam).  It's also one of two belief systems that technically started in the LAST PERIOD (the other is Hinduism).  For a quick review of Judaism, CLICK HERE for notes, videos, maps, etc.

Posted on February 4, 2018 .