75. The Development & Interactions of Early Agricultural, Pastoral, & Urban Societies

75 DAYS. 1,800 HOURS. 108,000 MINUTES.

People exist.  Check.  They left Africa.  Check.  They farmed.  Check.  What happened next?

Let's finish off the Foundations Era.  Don't fall into the biggest trap in AP World History... THE RIVER VALLEY CIVILIZATIONS. Pyramids are cool.  Harappa is cool.  But, it's 1/3 of 5%... That's 1.6% of the test.  Here is a brief overview of 1.3

Focus here on literature, architecture, and world belief systems (Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, & Judaism).  That's what 1.3 is all about.  Know the River Valleys.  Know a little bit about each one.  But, stop there.  There's no point spending days on this.  In fact, one day is enough.  CLICK HERE FOR A ONE PAGE SUMMARY.  Tomorrow, we move into the Classical Era.


Posted on February 25, 2017 .