76 DAYS.  1,824 HOURS. 109,440 MINUTES

So, yesterday we found out people exist.  And, they love them some Hunter-foraging.  They started in Africa and then left with fire and coats and tools and stuff.  This is the setting of AP World History.  By around 10,000 BCE, people are pretty much everywhere on earth that they are now.  We've set the scene.

But there is still one MASSIVE change coming to the good Homo Sapiens of earth... The change? FARMING!

NEOLITHIC means FARMING (OK. It means "New Stone Age"... but for our purposes it means FARMING).  People start farming around 10,000 BCE.  It's a big deal.  People began to settle down.  Not all in the same place at the same time.  But, over time FARMING catches on.  I could list out the key terminology of the NEOLITHIC REVOLUTION for you here.  But, luckily; the staff here at FREEMAN-PEDIA has compiled it all into one sweet little study guide.  CLICK HERE FOR THE STUDY GUIDE

Posted on February 24, 2017 .