39. Early Modern Culture

39 Days. 936 Hours. 56,160 Minutes.

We’ve already looked at the major event of the Early Modern Era: European Maritime activity (that’s a nice way to put it… you could just call it Non-Stop Conquer-Fest-1492).  Let’s look at some of the Cultural things happening in this era… beyond the boats.

4.1 Globalizing Networks of Communication and Exchange:

The Cultural tidbits that they tie to the global expansion of trade are the following;

SUNNI/SHI’A SPLIT: HERE's  is a summary.

PROTESTANT REFORMATION:  This is a big deal for the Virginia SOL (end of year test).  Here is my page for everything it requires.  Otherwise, the Catholic Church (after splitting with the Eastern Church in the 11th Century) spit again mainly over doctrinal beliefs led by Martin Luther.

NEW SYNCRETIC RELIGIONS:  Here are the three examples the AP gives.

INNOVATIONS IN ART FORMS: The big one here is the Renaissance. But, this also includes Japanese woodblock prints.  Here’s one (it’s from the next era, but it’s my fave).

LITERATURE: They give several examples here. Shakespeare, Cervantes, and Sundiata.  But also, the Journey to the West and Kabuki theatre. 

Tomorrow, we’ll look at 4.2 which is how the Europeans treated the people when they arrived in the new world.  This includes Slavery, Castas, and Encomienda…

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