43 Days. 1,032 Hours. 61,920 Minutes.

Finally, we’ve turned a corner.  The world starts to become “the world” in this era.  As you may have noticed from the banner above, this era is all about Maritime Reconnaissance (guys in boats going out and finding stuff).

Let’s take it easy today.  Here’s a nice overview of the Early Modern era.

First, here’s what the Early Modern Era looked like:

A local cartographer pieced this together.  It shows every place that the College Board mentions in the curriculum.  If you see it on the map, it is somewhere in the curriculum.  

As I said before, this era is dominated by the effects of European discovery.  So, before we look at the effects of these explorations (tomorrow), here are the Explorers/Conquistadors/etc.  you should know.  These journeys changed the game.

Look at ‘em go! OK.  Now that you’ve seen where they go, tomorrow; we see why that matters…

Posted on March 30, 2016 .