13. Final Look at Global Conflicts

13 Days. 312 Hours. 18,720 Minutes.

Hey!  A female made the countdown.  More to come, later this week... Anyways, let’s wrap up these Global Conflicts…

6.2 Global Conflicts and their Consequences

OK. We get it. There was a ton of conflict in the 20th Century.  You kinda forget how violent the 20th was.  Anyway, here are some more consequences…

Nazis and Fascists propped up Franco in Spain.  Franco remained in power decades longer than Mussolini and Hitler. Idi Amin ruled over an absolute dictatorship in Uganda.  Have you seen Uganda lately? Thanks, Idi.  

Communists like Mao Zedong and Ho Chi Minh used Communism.  The non-aligned movement sided with neither the US or the USSR (or played them off of one another).   There were also alternatives that shook up the establishments in some countries (Anti-apartheid, Tiananmen Square Uprisings, etc.)

Not just Al Qaeda.  Also, the IRA in Ireland against the British for Irish independence.  Not to mention, the ETA. They are Basque separatists in Spain. 

Pop culture was directly influenced by this. Here are some examples:

Dadaism in art. James Bond in film. Socialist Realism in the Soviet Union (that was totally not real). And, finally the effect on video games.  Link and Mario has nothing to do with this.  More like Call of Duty and Metal Gear.  Either way; these themes were present in pop-culture (also songs and other films besides Bond…) 

That’s a ton of conflict.  Wow. But, there was other stuff too.  We’ll see science, nature and global culture in the upcoming days…

Posted on April 29, 2016 .