31. You say you want a Revolution?

31 Days. 744 Hours. 44,640 Minutes.

This era, the Modern Period, truly breaks down into 4 big ideas:





To make things easier, let’s go chronologically and start with the Revolutions.

5.3 Nationalism, Revolution, and Reform:

There are four major revolutions.  Luckily I have a page devoted to each.  

American Revolution 2.png

Obviously, the greatest revolution ever; it was also the first.  Click HERE for my page.

French Revolution.png

Next up, France.  This is also the order they appear in Assassin's Creed.  I could talk to you all day about the French Revolution.  HERE is a nice summary.  

Haitian Revolutions.png

Ever wonder why slaves never rise up and kill the slave masters? People have tried forever.  It only worked once.  Where? Haiti.  HERE is my page. 

Simon Bolivar was a beast.  He makes Washington and Robespierre look lazy.  HERE is my page for Latin American Revolutions.  

Posted on April 11, 2016 .