32 Days. 768 Hours. 46, 080 Minutes

For some reason the last post only posted half of what I was going for... Anyways, here's the rest:

One of the major topics of this period is the Political Revolutions that took place.  They really changed the layout of the planet.  This is the first period where we've had major revolutionary changes to government systems.  That being said, these revolutions didn't happen overnight.  They have roots in the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment.

The Scientific Revolution actually began in the last era.  Most textbooks like to look at it along with the Enlightenment.  HERE  is the link to my Virginia SOL page on the Scientific Revolution.

The Enlightenment takes the logical approach to government.  It’s where all of the revolutions got their ideas.  It’s America. It’s Venezuela. It’s the National Assembly in France.  HERE is my Virginia SOL page on the Enlightenment.

Posted on April 10, 2016 .