37. Empires Strike Back

37 Days.  888 Hours. 53,280 Minutes.

The College Board wraps up this era (1450-1750) with a breakdown of the major players in the era.  They break it into NINE Empires.  But, since we are running low on time (888 Hours); we will break them down into three groups.

1. Early Maritime Empires (Spanish/Portuguese) 

2. Late Maritime Empires (English, Dutch, French)

3. Land Empires (Ottoman, Mughal, Manchu, Russian)

4.3 State Consolidation and Imperial Expansion:

Starting tomorrow, we will go over these empires; but today=how do these people consolidate (legitimize) their power?

Traditional Artistic Methods: Building large buildings, court literature, and city design. This has been going on since the Mayans and Harappans… Nothing new here, just know it’s still happening.

Religious Methods: Christian Europe had Divine Right.  Shi’a Safavids (Persia) had Shi’a Islam.  Aztecs had human sacrifice.

Treatment of Ethnic Groups: Ottomans use of religious tolerance towards their non-Islamic citizens.  Manchus treatment of the Chinese within their dynasty (Dyarchy).  The Spanish developed an entirely new realm of laws/culture for the Native Americans (Republic de Indios).

Training of Bureaucratic Beliefs: The Chinese are still using the Civil Service Exam.  The Ottomans use the Devshirme system (christian youths kidnapped, converted, and trained for service to the Sultan). 

Taxes: Yeah, the AP wants you to know that territorial expansion was funded by taxing your existing population.  Seems common sense… 

Sweet.  All that’s left for this era are the empires.  We’ll break those down over the next few days.  Starting with Prince (who had no chance of ruling his country) instead opening a “school” for mariners (explorers) that changed the world forever…

Posted on April 5, 2016 .