9. The End...

9 Days. 216 Hours. 12,960 Minutes.

This is the end. My one and only friend the end… (71 days of review so far… That’s over two solid months… Hope this has been helpful :/ )

6.3 New Conceptualizations of Global Economy, Society, and Culture

Don’t laugh at these. DO NOT skip these. Today, the last day of curriculum, is all about culture. Two of the four have been topics of the DBQ in the past 6 years… So, yeah.

This is an international soccer tournament held in a different world city every four years. It will be notable this year as the Americans will win their first of many World Cups in Brazil.

Think of it as British Baseball. This was infamously the topic of the DBQ a few years back.  So, don’t spend too much time here. But, as the British empire spread, Cricket went too.  Best teams in the world? Pakistan and India… See.

This was also the topic of the DBQ a few years ago. It is an international competition where America always leaves with the most gold.. Murka.

The first thing mentioned in this era (6.1) was how technology had improved communication and transportation.  The last line of the era says that music and film both increased because of this.  Examples?

Reggae is the music of Jamaica. It’s not that popular and I don’t know how hip-hop isn’t the example… But, here is reggae:

Bob Marley is the Michael Jordan of Reggae. That’s not fair to Bob Marley.  He is so synonymous with Reggae music that most people can’t name another reggae musician.  Reggae is equally tied to Jamaica and the Rastafarian movement… Think Christianity with African roots, and marijuana).

The film example is Bollywood.  It’s like watching a colorful 1950s musical with like a million more dancers… It’s pretty wild.


Annnnnnnnd that’s it. Know all of that and you’ll be fine. Tomorrow, we begin the top things to know before Test Day.

Posted on May 3, 2016 .