Congratulations... You have reached the eye of the storm.  We have now covered one half of the World History II  curriculum.  Nice work.  All we have left is a measly 100 years of history... Before we head into the 20th Century, we need to look back and check your progress.  To review for the midterm, we've come up with a three step process: 


A major fallacy I used to make when I was in your situation was to study stuff I already knew.  It was like I would pat myself on the back for knowing that stuff.  But, that didn't really help me out in the long run.  If you do this...

How do you know what you know?  More importantly... How do you know what you don't know?  I'm glad you asked... Here is how:

DIAGNOSE YOUR WEAKNESSES WITH THIS DIAGNOSTIC:Rank yourself in each subcategory from 1-10.  Then, add those up to see your total score out of 100.  By the end, you should be able to find where you need the most work.  Focus on those areas while you prepare for the Midterm. Don't remember the Hinduism? What's a Garibaldi? Now's the time to be honest and realize where you need to focus.


Now that you know where you need to focus. Do that.  Review over those sections.  And, (while you're at it); complete THIS EXTRA CREDIT KEY TERM IDENTIFICATION.  For each term, tell what it is and why it is important.  This will earn you extra credit on the Midterm exam.


You've done the research.  You know where you need to focus.  Now, look over this STUDY GUIDE.  You should be able to recognize and identify all of these terms/ideas.  If everything on this page looks familiar to you, consider yourself ready for the World II Midterm.