77. Big Geography and the Peopling of the Earth

77 Days.  1848 Hours. 110, 880 Minutes

You know the test.  You know the periods.  Let's start by breaking down the first one: FOUNDATIONS (Big Bang to 600 BCE).  Look back at that chart from yesterday on the different periods... This one:

See how Foundations (Technological and Environmental Transformations) is only 5% of the test.  That's tiny.  The Multiple Choice section of the AP test is 55 questions long.  5% of 55=2.75.  So, you're looking at a maximum of 3 out of 55 multiple choice questions on this ENTIRE PERIOD!  Therefore, let's not waste our time.  Over the next three days, we will look at the key info from each of the three subsections of this PERIOD.  But that's it.  If you're spending more that 20 minutes looking at this stuff before the AP test YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME!

Here's a cartographical representation of the Foundational World... it's a map.


Timegrids are a thing I made up to describe a timeline of the era divided by region. This way, you can visualize each era chronologically and cartographically... When and where things are...


14.3 Billion years ago there was a Big Bang.  That is our starting point (thanks Dr. Hawking).  Fast forward a bit to 300,000 years ago.  That's when you showed up (Homo Sapiens) in Africa.  Around 60,000 years ago, you left Africa.  That's it.  That's 1.1: BIG GEOGRAPHY & THE PEOPLING OF THE EARTH. 

Accompanying this mass migration is the rest of 1.1.  You took tools and fire to help you adapt to these new surroundings.  You joined in small kin-ship groups because there is safety in numbers.  You were hunter gathe.... Sorry.  Hunter-Foragers.  You were as Egalitarian (equality among the sexes/classes) as you will be until present day.  

If only someone compiled this into a handy study guide of some sort...  Wait a second... The staff here at Freeman-pedia did!  CLICK HERE FOR THE STUDY GUIDE.  

Again, don't camp out in the Paleolithic era while reviewing... Be like them, linger briefly before moving on to better grounds... Enjoy the free time because tomorrow, you start farming (and that's exactly as fun as it sounds).

Posted on February 28, 2019 .