66. The Largest Empire in the History of the Planet*


66 DAYS. 1,584 HOURS. 95,040 MINUTES.

The next big chunk of the Classical Period (2.2) involves the Major Empires.  So, this week is dedicated to those Empires.  The AP gives us 6 to know...


We will start with the largest*.

*Ok, Ok... It is not the largest empire in the history of the planet physically.  BUT, it is the largest empire in the history of the planet in terms of % of earth's population. Under Darius the I, the empire was made up of 44% of all of the humans on earth...  That Empire?


The Persian Empire of Cyrus the Great is one of historyโ€™s most impressive.  Cyrus was religiously tolerant (allowing the Jews to return from exile gaining him the title Savior).  He also built the famous Royal Road that connected the empire.  He is also the most important Zoroastrian you need to know.  Here is the important info to know on the Persians. 

While you're here; might as well take a quick look back at the Qanat irrigation system.  

CLICK HERE for a page devoted to the Persian Empire. 

(There are 6 Classical Empires to know.  All empires are equal but some are more equal than others.  Focus more on Rome, Gupta, and Han China.)

Posted on March 11, 2019 .