68. The Good News


68 DAYS.  1,632 HOURS.  97,920 MINUTES.

Good News. Bad News.  I'll go wih the Bad News first.  You got about two months before you have to slay this beast.  The Good News? Well, that's what the Christians call the words, stories, ideas, etc. of their founder, Jesus of Nazareth...

See what I did there? With the crosses for "t"s?  Just checking.  Anyways...

This is the biggest religion on earth.  There are over 2 billion Christians out there (there's a billion Catholics!).  The whole thing started in the Middle East as a local Jewish carpenter claimed to be the son of god.  He was later crucified by the Romans.  According to the Christians, he came back from the dead and then went to heaven.  This story has had a massive influence on the rest of history.  If you live in the United States, you can't miss this story as Christianity is the predominant religion here.  This is also (besides Buddhism with Ashoka and Siddhartha) the only religion that requires you to know TWO people in this era: Jesus and Constantine.

CLICK HERE for a page devoted to this belief system. Your best bet? Watch John Green's clip at the bottom.  As usual, he does a nice job with this topic.

Posted on March 9, 2019 .