70. The Way

70 DAYS. 1,680 HOURS. 100,800 MINUTES.

Part II of our II part series on East Asian Classical Belief Systems lands us squarely in the world of Daoism.  

Where Confucianism is all about hard work, respect for others and responsibility; Daoism is just the opposite.  Lao Tzu was a Zhou librarian who became fed up with society and left China.  But, on his way out, he wrote the Tao Te Ching.  It’s a 25 page complex book about Daoism.  To be brief, Daoism follows that everyone has and should follow their own Dao (the way).  This Dao is the guiding principle for all things.  Simply put, one should “go with the flow” of the Universe.  Follow your Dao, not your ancestors, parents, etc.’s Dao.  

I like to compare them like this.  Confucianism is a loyal German Shepherd. Trained.  Obedient.  Loyal.  Loving. Helpful.  Daoism is like a cat.  Aloof. Distant. Unpredictable. Doing-whatever-it-wants.  

Don’t think Daoists are anarchists.  In fact, Daoists can be of other religions.  If your Dao is to obey your elders, work hard, study, etc. then you are Confucianist… but, you’re still following your Dao… Daoists have had a profound impact Asian medicine, poetry, and architecture.

For notes, maps, videos, etc. on Daoism CLICK HERE.

Tomorrow, we follow our Dao to the Mediterranean.  All of the belief systems we've been covering this week are recognizable religions. You probably know Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc.  But, the 4th of our 5 part series on Classical Belief systems is slightly different.  Tomorrow= GRECO-ROMAN PHILOSOPHY.

Posted on March 7, 2019 .