71. Teaching of the Scholars

71 DAYS. 1704 HOURS. 102,240 MINUTES.

As we continue on our journey to spiritual understanding, we will take a two day layover in China.  China is truly a land of three belief systems.  The two home grown belief systems are both born in China around the same time (the two founders actually met).  Confucianism and Daosim do as much to shape the East Asian world (China/Japan) as Hinduism and Buddhism shaped the South Asian world (India).  The third belief system is Buddhism (see yesterday).  Today we focus on Confucianism... Tomorrow=Daoism.

If I was playing Civilization or Age of Empires-style game, and I had to enter at the beginning of the game what type of belief system my people should follow... I would choose Confucianism.  It's great (if you are a man).  Everyone knows their place in society.  There are respectful relationships from father-to-son all the way up to the Emperor.  Everyone works hard and does as their elders tell them.  I'm assuming you're a teenager.  If so, this must sound terrible.  You're probably Daoist.  We'll cover them tomorrow...

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Posted on March 6, 2019 .