60. Trade Tech

60 DAYS. 1,440 HOURS. 86,400 MINUTES.

We've met the Classical Civilizations.  We've then connected them.  What technology aided this connection?

KEY CONCEPT 2.3: The Emergence of Transregional Networks of Communication & Exchange

  • TECHNOLOGY: Stirrups, saddles and yokes all allow more goods, people, ideas, etc. to be spread over longer distances

  • ANIMALS: Strap those technologies from above to horses, cattle, llamas, camels, or oxen and you've harnessed some serious power.


  • MARITIME TECHNOLOGY: Lateen sails (triangular) and Dhow ships allowed for a massive increase in Maritime Trade

  • NEW CROPS: Exchange of goods and ideas also led to the spread of new farming techniques. For the College Board/AP, this means all of the water gathering devices seen above.


  • DISEASE: Animals carry disease. People carry disease. On these trade routes, you have both! SOme of earth's deadliest diseases were spread along with everything else (including the diseases that rocked the Roman and Han Empires).


  • RELIGION: One of the big idease to spread around the trade routes during the Classical Period is Religion. For this Period, that means Christianity & Buddhism.

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