58. Aspects of the Newly Intensified Trade

58 DAYS. 1,392 HOURS. 83,520 MINUTES.

The trade routes truly shape this era.  They exacerbate (fancy word for increase) the scope of everything that happens.  They carry the travelers.  They spread the religions.  They carry the militaries.  They carry the goods.  They carry the ideas.  They lead to the world’s major cities (which spring up alongside them). Let’s see what’s being traded…

3.1: Expansion & Intensification of Communication & Exchange Networks:

After the AP introduces you to the new cities, and re-mention the trade routes.  They get into what’s being traded.  Here’s what was up:

  • LUXURY GOODS: Silk, Textiles, Porcelain (China), Spices, Exotic Animals

  • TECHNOLOGY: Compass, Astrolabe for navigation

  • TRAVEL: Camelserai (roadside inns) & Camel Caravans (safety in numbers)

  • BANKING: Banks, Credit, Checks to finance the trade. Also, minting of coins and paper money

  • TRADE ORGANIZATIONS: They only mention one. The Hanseatic League.

Hanseatic League today? It’s Europe’s largest airline. Luft”hansa”.

Hanseatic League today? It’s Europe’s largest airline. Luft”hansa”.


  • GOVERNMENT SPONSORED COMMERCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE: This is code for the government spending money to help our trade routes. This is where the Sui Dynasty in China steps in. Besides reuniting China, this is really all they did…(Here's a map of a few other examples:)


There it is.  That’s what’s being moved around.  So, before we jump into the bulk of the Post Classical Era (the required Empires), tomorrow we will look at the impact of all this new trade.  

Posted on March 19, 2019 .