59. Trade Networks INTENSIFIED!

59 DAYS. 1,416 HOURS. 84,960 MINUTES.

CONGRATULATIONS.  We have now covered the first two periods (FOUNDATIONS & CLASSICAL).  Remember, this only covers 20% of the overall information you need to konw on the test.  Now we turn to the first full period:

I like to call this period MUSLIMS & MONGOLS.  These are definitely the two big topics covered during this period.  However, there are obviously a ton of other stuff to know beyond M&M (China, Feudalism, etc.)

New Era? New map:


New Era? New TIMEGRID:


 But, let's start at the beginning; TRADE ROUTES:

A local cartographer put this thing together.  THese are the old and new trade routes for the era.  Notice how all of these trade routes connect to the new cities they want you to knowfor this period.  Cities flourish under trade.   What comes along with this intensified trade network?  Tomorrow, we find out.

Posted on March 18, 2019 .