56. Voluntary Submission to God

56 Days.  1,344 Hours.  80, 640 Minutes

After the Trade Routes bit, the College Board turns to the major Empires that are built in this period.  There are two of the usual suspects (Byzantine (Rome) and China).  But there are also two rookies: Islam and Mongols.  We're starting with the Islamic Caliphates.


As-salamu alaykum (Peace be upon you).  The most important thing to happen in this era?; the most impactful thing to happen in this era?; the most earth changing thing to happen in this era?; the most spiritual thing to happen in this era?

These are all the same thing.  An angel visited a merchant in a cave outside of the town of Mecca.  Earth changed.  Forever.  


Islam.  It is earthโ€™s fastest growing and currently second largest religion.  The story of itโ€™s birth, rise, and fall (in terms of the Caliphate) is the most important story of this era.  There is not enough room in all of the Around the AP World in 80 Days Countdown to write about this faith.  Luckily, a traveling scribe has created a portal with everything you need to know when it comes to Islam.  He inscribed his research HERE.  

(EDITOR's NOTE: DOUBLE DOWN HERE.  Islam is important from here on out and is the last major world religion introduced.  Don't just memorize the Five Pillars and move on.  These people have an important, lasting impact.  DON'T SKIP THIS.  Look back over this chapter in your text, your teacher's notes, etc.   :)

Posted on March 21, 2019 .