41. Unleash the Europeans!

41 Days. 984 Hours. 59,040 Minutes.

See what I did there? Today is all about the Europeans leaving Europe... And, the pic is Dirk Nowitzki? Just checking....


It all starts with Prince Henry of Portugal.  He was the Grandfather of it all.  His school in Portugal was where Navigators went to learn the craft. Here’s a quick info graphic on the “remarkable” reconnaissance:

The Explorers and where they went are important.  But, don’t waste your life memorizing Herjolfson vs. Erickson or Magellan vs. Drake.  Instead, let’s focus on the economics that grew out of this:

TRADE COMPANIES: Investors pooled their money into corporations (often monopolies) that would foster trade around the world.  There were a ton of them.  Know TWO: Dutch East India Company (VOC) or British East India Trading Company.

SILVER: Turns out, there’s a mountain of silver (Potosi).  This silver was circulated around the world (it was the DBQ in 2006).  This movement of silver around the world is the first real traceable movement of currency.  This is going to go from the mines of Potosi, to the treasuries of the Chinese Emperors.

MERCANTILISM:  Embrace it.  It’s a scary word.  It simply is the way european nations attempted to expand their empires.  Rules:

1. Become Self Sufficient

2. Accumulate as much gold and silver as possible.

3. Acquire colonies and tax them in means of helping the Motherland.

TRADE ROUTE: The Atlantic System or the Triangle Trade.  This is the movement of goods across the Atlantic (and back).

Tomorrow, the most important thing to happen in the course thus far (arguably, at least since farming)…


Posted on April 5, 2019 .