42. Impact of Trade in the Early Modern

42 Days. 1,008 Hours. 60,480 Minutes.

We saw that the world got bigger yesterday.  So, what does it all mean?

4.1: Globalizing Networks of Communication & Exchange


The AP always wants to tip you off at the beginning of an era that the Trade Routes of the old era (Post-Classical 600-1450) intensified.  Don’t think that these other trade routes disappear.  They don’t.  Well, maybe the Trans-Saharan.  It definitely loses its pizzazz.  


But, let’s not bury the lead.  The star of this era is European Exploration.  You saw where they went yesterday.  But, how’d they get there? 

They needed new technology.  They needed better devices to determine their location.  So, if it’s the end of the Post-Classical era, and the dawn of a new era; where do you go to get these? China and the Caliphates (obvi).

Europeans used Islamic Astrolabes and Cartography (maps).  They also used the Chinese Compass.  They learned from the Muslims and from their own research about how Wind Patterns affect travel.  Also, they develop their own technology like the boats that dominated the early part of this era:


So, now we know how it was possible and have seen where they went. Tomorrow, we take a closer look at this Maritime Reconnaissance.  

Posted on April 4, 2019 .