44. End of an Era...

44 Days. 1,056 Hours. 63,360 Minutes.

OK, let’s wrap up the Post Classical era… I’m tired of the Old World. Let’s build some empires! Start some stock companies! Gunpowder Empires!?! Yeah, it’s gonna be great.  But, first thing’s first:


Part of this section we mentioned a few days ago (The rise and fall of the Postclassical Cities).  But, here’s a chart for those of you just joining us.

Beyond the cities, there were some major continuities & changes that affected the masses.  One major was was via LABOR MANAGEMENT (how people worked).  The above link also includes a look at some of the revolts that affected the era.  (Keep in mind, the time for major successful revolutions is from 1750-present).  

The last tidbit of info from the Post Classical era is how the major religions (and their spread) affected gender and family roles.  What’s that? You want another fantastic info graphic? Today is your lucky day:


They also want you to know HOW people worked. As in, "What types of labor was being done in this period?" The answer...


See the one in the middle up there? Coerced labor? There are actually THREE versions of that going on in this period. Don't get ahead of us here. The most famous coerced labor system is in the next era (Transatlantic Slave Trade) But from 600-1450, Coerced labor looked like this:


We are TWO FULL eras away from the major revolutions (France, USA, Haiti, etc.) But, there were the seeds of rebellion being sewed in this period. These aren't enlightenment based revolutions based on Human Rights... But, these revolts are a start:


Last, and DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, there were spots on earth where women did have more rights than you might expect in this period:

Posted on April 2, 2019 .