45. Back to the Farm

45 Days. 1,080 Hours. 64,800 Minutes.

We’ve seen trade routes and how the people on these trade routes interacted.  But there are a few other innovations beyond Trade that affected earth’s social and economic outlooks.  Today, let’s look at the Agricultural and Industrial changes of the Post Classical era.


When it comes to the Agricultural changes… Some unknown website created this fantastic info graphic to breakdown these changes:


Beyond the agricultural changes, there were a few others as well.  Crops not only found new ways of growing (above), but crops themselves were shipped to different regions with similar climates.  The Byzantine Empire became a massive producer of silk!  Yeah, Greek Silk.  I know, it sounds weird.  But, it happened.

Also, the College Board wants you to know about the increase in textile production.  It was an increase; but nothing compared to the Modern Era (1450-1750) during the Industrial Revolution.  Also, China increased its iron and steel output (again, nothing like during the Industrial Revolution).

Tomorrow, we turn to the people.  How does all of this affect the masses? Especially in terms of Labor, Religion, and Family roles.  Then, we are done with the Post Classical and turn to the Early Modern!

Posted on April 1, 2019 .