46. The Globetrotters

46 Days. 1,104 Hours. 66,240 Minutes.

Where are you from? No... Like where are your 'people' from? We live in a diverse world where you may be a generation or two away from your family living on a different continent. This is a totally new thing. In fact, in the Post Classical period (and for most of history) people never went beyond a 25 mile radius from where they were born... I am sitting 766 miles from the hospital I was born in. (Some people NEVER move... literally. CLICK HERE to see an article about a 9,000 year old skeleton found in Britain. They found his ancestor... He lived 1/2 a mile away. He, strangely, is a history teacher.)

This period is the first to feature notable world travelers. People who went 1,000s of miles (and more importantly) wrote about it. I'm a big Ibn Battuta guy, myself. But, Xuanzang led to the Journey to the West in the next era, which led to Dragon Ball Z two eras later than that...

Below are the epic travelers of the Post Classical Period.

Posted on March 31, 2019 .