49. Meet the New Boss

49 Days.  1,176 Hours.  70,560 Minutes.

The new states that emerged after the fall of the Classical empires mixed old ways of ruling (Rich Males) with new ways of ruling (Running the Church as well-Byzantines, or Tributary systems-China). But there were some complete innovations in the way that the states ran thingsโ€ฆ


CALIPHATES:  Those were new! Essentially, the political and theological ruler were the same guy.  

FEUDALISM:  The opposite happened in Europe.  A totally decentralized rule with local lords having all the power. This happened in Japan as well.  

SYNTHESIS: The Islamic Caliphates were essentially a mix of one part Islam + one part Persia.  Also, Japan copied most of what made China China and took it back to Japan.

AMERICA: (Not Murka)  The Mayans set up a series of City-States, while the Aztecs & Incas built large Empires (Incan being the largest).  (Strangely, this is the only time that Aztecs & Incas come up in this era; beyond farming techniques) They get more attention next unit when they get wiped out by the Spanish.

Tomorrow, we will look at the 3 Big Conflicts of the Post Classical Era that led to Cultural/technological exchange:

  1. Tang vs. Abbasids

  2. Mongols vs. Afro-Eurasia

  3. Crusaders vs. anything thatโ€™s not Christian

Posted on March 28, 2019 .