54. Renaissance China

54 Days. 1,296 Hours.  77,760 Minutes.

The last two days have brought up the two largest players in the era (Muslims & Mongols).  But, just underneath those two historical behemoths,  lies China.  China is always important.  It’s time to start the next verse of our China song…

Sui, Tang, Song

Sui, Tang, Song

(But, also the Yuan & the beginning of the Ming)


Imperial China (as its referred to by the College Board) covers multiple dynasties (including the Yuan, or Mongol Dynasty).  I refer to it as Renaissance China.  It’s China’s comeback after the fall of the Han.  Again, this is meant to be a brief review so, HERE is a page devoted to these dynasties with videos, notes, etc.

Tomorrow, we find out what ever happened to that Eastern part of the Roman Empire that didn’t fall in the 5th century… The Byzantines. 

Posted on March 23, 2019 .