16. Genocide in the 20th Century


16 Days. 384 Hours. 23,040 Minutes.

Another big factor in the 20th Century was Genocide.  Below are the examples required by College Board.

 ARMENIA: The Ottoman Empire systematically murdered around 1 million Armenians during WWI for supporting the Triple Entente.  The Turkish government today denies that this was a genocide.  You know who didn’t deny it? Hitler. Hitler saw this as the blueprint for his genocide 25 years later.


HOLOCAUST: Hitler’s systematic killing of 6-12 million Jews, political enemies, handicapped, gay, Roma, etc. They were excluded from society, moved out of major towns into camps. Once there, they either worked or were killed off (or both).  This is the biggest genocide by far.

CAMBODIA: Stalin-style purge from Pol Pot (Communist ruler of Cambodia during the 70s). This genocide is notable for its scope.  It killed over a million people; but, that was 25% of Cambodia’s population.

RWANDA: In the mid-1990s, just before you were born; the people of Rwanda experienced a civil war that ended in Genocide.  This is the most recent, accepted genocide in history (CAR, Sudan, and others are still debatable).  Belgian colonists left in the middle of the century.  Before they left, they had divided the country into two groups HUTUS & TUTSIS.  The Hutus “looked more African” and the Tutsis ‘looked more European’. These distinctions were totally made up by the Belgians. The Tutsis ruled Rwanda while the Belgians were there. Once the Belgians left, the Hutus (majority) were given power. Reprisals ensued. When the president was assassinated in the mid 90s, the Hutus attempted to kill off all of the Tutsis. If you have a few hours, I think Hotel Rwanda is on netflix…

Tomorrow, we turn to the Cold War… WWIII… or at least WWII.5

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