15. The Cold War


15 Days. 360 Hours. 21,600 Minutes.

The Cold War is a huge topic. It describes the clash of the world’s two superpowers in the time following WWII until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

6.2 Global Conflicts and Their Consequences


This topic is huge. But, the AP only mentions it a couple of times in the curriculum.

1. The Definiition
After WWII, the world’s geopolitical situation quickly evolved into a Democracy-Dictatorship, Capitalism-Communism, USA-USSR

2. Alliances 3.0
The new alliances are the United States friends (NATO-North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and the Soviet Union and her friends (Warsaw Pact).  Think of this is the most recent version of Triple Entente vs. Triple Alliance (except the NATO-Warsaw alliances were much larger)

3. Dissolution of the Soviet Union
Sorry. Communism doesn’t work. There is no innovation. No reason to excel. Therefore, it collapsed in on itself. It ended with a series of reforms by Premier Mikhail Gorbachev. And, in response; a failed coup against the reform government.

There are a ton of hot wars in the cold war (Vietnam, Korea, etc.) but the above are the generics according to the College Board.

Here’s Johnny Green’s look at the Cold War:

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