17. WWII

17 Days. 408 Hours. 24,480 Minutes

The 20th Century is full of conflict.  We’ve got two gigantic ones left to mention.  Let’s talk WWII…

6.2 Global Conflict & their Consequences


WWII.  The biggest single event in history.  

Largest Armies in history. Check.

Biggest Battles in history. Check. 

Largest War in history. Check.

Largest death toll in history. Check.

Largest genocide (bigger than the others combined). Check. 

It’s a huge deal. It’s easy to get bogged down in the battles, and nazis, and the Empire of Japan.  Don’t fall into this trap.  There will be 10-ish multiple choice questions on the entire era.  10.  So, maybe one or two on WWII? So, if you’re non-stop studying Hitler and Eisenhower… you’re gonna have a bad time.  Here are the basics:

They want you to know that this (and WWI) are both TOTAL WARS. Total Wars are wars that completely occupy the nations involved. Everything they do (economic, social, political) is devoted to the war effort. This includes CONSCRIPTING (drafting) people from the nations’ populations to participate in the war (fight/die).

Beyond that, the curriculum is strangely silent on what to know.  Therefore I’ll give you two sources to use. 

First, here's JG's take:

Also, here’s my page with tons of videos, links, etc. (It is focused on the Virginia standards, but it covers WWII nicely).

Tomorrow, the other MASSIVE CONFLICT of the 20th Century… THE COLD WAR…

Posted on April 30, 2018 .