19. Geographic Consequences of Decolonization

19 Days. 456 Hours. 27,360 Minutes

Wow.  Day Three of Decolonization? Ok.  Let’s head to the map…

6.2 Global Conflicts and their Consequences


So, some movements that emerged in the struggle for independence had no borders.  They were TRANS-NATIONAL (or across different states and borders).  Here are three examples:


These all either tie in an economic idea (Communism) or a cultural identity (Arab League) Or, Geographic… like the African Union.

Some states (once independent) took on new shapes… Here are three examples:

India was divided up in the Partition; Palestine was dispersed by the new Israel, and the Middle East became Mandates of the League of Nations.


Some of these breakups remained friends afterwards.  Here’s a big fancy AP word… METROPOLES.  These are cities in mother countries that attract people from the colonies… (London to people from India, or Filipinos to New York City or Los Angeles).  


Next up, the Interwar Period… Great Depressions and Dictators… 

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