20. Decolonization

20 Days. 480 Hours. 28,800 Minutes

So yesterday, we barely touched on the topic of Decolonization.  Specifically, some of the ways colonies went about it (violent vs. non-violent).  Today, let’s address the issue head on: DECOLONIZATION.



So, let’s do this right.  Here’s J-Greenzy on Decolonization:


Here are some College Board specifics:



Gandhi: THE nonviolent leader.  He basically coined the phrase non-violence.  He gained independence for an entire subcontinent by refusing to follow their unjust laws and got nearly a billion people to back his movement.  Think if Washington and Bolivar had an Indian baby but took away all of his weapons.

Ho Chi Minh: The leader for independence in Vietnam.  He attempted to gain independence via self determination after the world wars but since France won those wars (and Vietnam was a French colony…) So, he turned to violence and although he died during the war; eventually led Vietnam to become the independent Communist state that it is today.  Think if Trotsky and Mao Zedong had a baby; but they promised not to do as much murder.

Kwame Nkrumah: Ghana’s first president, his non-violent works led the Gold Coast to become the first independent state in Africa.  Think if Gandhi and MLK had an African baby.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah: Pakistan’s first president who worked with Gandhi during and after the Partition to create the Islamic state of Pakistan.  Think if Gandhi and the Ayatollah had a baby.

Some movements are still around today.  Examples:


QUEBECOIS: These are French Canadians who want their own nation in Canada.  If you’ve ever been to this part of Canada, you will quickly recognize how French and different this region truly is.

BIAFRA: These guys want an old African kingdom to reform in Nigeria.  Expectantly, the Nigerian government is against it and has accused their leader of treason.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at some of the geographic consequences (movements, new nations, etc.) that came from the Decolonization movement.

Posted on April 27, 2018 .