25 Days.  600 Hours. 36,000 Minutes.

Enough Industry.  Let’s turn to the biggest political effect of the Industrial Revolution; the incursion of Industrial nations into non-Industrialized nations.  AKA=IMPERIALISM

5.2 Imperialism & Nation-State Formation


States that industrialized went from having colonies, to having an Empire.  Empires have existed before (Rome, Arabic, Spanish), but these new Empires were backed by industrial strength (machine guns, medicine, food, railroads, steam engines, etc.)  

There are two new players in the empire-building game; AMERICA & JAPAN.

As they Industrialized, they spread.  Japan started later, but it will not stop them from building one of earth’s largest empires (albeit in the next era). AMERICA’s empire primarily took the form of MANIFEST DESTINY (westward expansion), but there were some acquisitions from Spain (Philippines).  RUSSIA was an old world power, but their expansion was also on the scale of Eastward expansion akin to Manifest Destiny.

The BIG European Imperial powers were:

British, Dutch, German, Russian, French

Here is my page devoted to the Virginia SOL’s on Imperialism.  It has a ton of notes, videos, etc.  ENJOY!

Now that you’ve got the idea of how it worked, we’ll see the consequences tomorrow… (and it’s not pretty…)

Posted on April 22, 2018 .