34. Land Based Empires


34 Days. 816 Hours. 48,960 Minutes.

Before we leave this period, there is one more group that we gotta talk about.  Who are they?

Let's run through them one by one:

The Manchu Empire came from our old friends north of the wall: THE JURCHEN.  They united under Nurhaci to become the Manchus.  The Manchus took advantage of the fall of the Ming Dynasty in China and took over.  They are the last Chinese Dynasty.  You also know them as the Qing Empire.  You can find more on them here.  

Arguably the greatest of the great Islamic Empires, the Mughals began as a Central Asian group descended from the Mongols.  They rose to take over India and see one of history's greatest rulers (literally, Akbar the Great means Great the Great).  They even build the Taj Mahal! This is the last group to rule India until the British take over in the next period.  Here is my page on the Mughal Empire.


When the Europeans were all crusading into the "Holy Land" during the last period; this was their worst nightmare.  A powerful, disciplined, organized Islamic empire knocking on their door to the east.  Well, here they are.  The Ottoman Empire are a massive empire that essentially took over for the Byzantines in 1453.  Religiously tolerant, militarily dominant, and perhaps the longest lasting empire ever; here is my page on the Ottoman Empire. 


The Russian Empire is the French Empire of the Land Based Empire.  Yeah, they have a land based empire, but it is truly of little consequence (for AP World) until the next period.  It is the largest nation on earth.  They do have Peter the Great.  But that's about it.  Here is my page on the Russian empire. 

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