1. 8 Fold Path #1- GET MOTIVATED!

1 Day. 24 Hours. 1,440 Minutes.

24 hours. Here we are.  What’s more impressive?
a. The hours of study and review you put in this year
b. The amount of world history you are carrying in your brain right now
c. The fact that I actually stuck with this jam for 80 days?

We’d probably have different answers… But, Tomorrow is gametime…

You can see the promise land.  You need a pep talk.  You need some wise words of advice. You need some historical genius to tell you how great you are and how great tomorrow will be… 

I’m not that guy.  I’m some rando teacher that you’ve probably never even met.  So, here are some to get you through.

Mulan (CLASSICAL 600-600)
(This will also make you have all the force of a great typhoon)

MOANA (Classical & Post Classical)
(This will also motivate you to build ocean going canoes and travel across the Pacific)

William Wallace’s Freedom Speech (POST CLASSICAL 600-1450)
(This will also motivate you to fight the British)

Shakespeare’s St. Crispin’s Day Speech (EARLY MODERN 1450-1750)
(This will also motivate you to attack France)

Speech from the film the Patriot (MODERN 1750-1900)
(This will also make you want to declare independence)

Miracle on Ice (1900-Present)
(This will also motivate you to win the Cold War… with hockey)

President’s Speech from Independence Day (1900-Future)
(This will also motivate you to attack Aliens)

Get a good night’s sleep.  Eat a serious breakfast.  And, do your best tomorrow…

SET YOUR ALARM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on May 16, 2018 .