3. 8-Fold Path #3-Check Yourself

3 Days. 72 Hours. 4,320 Minutes.

They say the best way to learn something is to have to teach it.  So, start from ground zero and try to teach someone about AP World.  This can be your parents, your cat, your wall, your phone, whatever.  Start at the beginning and try to walk yourself through it.  Spend an hour today trying to go from the Out of Africa theory and Big Geography all the way to Bollywood. 

If you find parts that you don’t know; GREAT! You’ve found the problem.  You can right the ship before it goes down!!!

At the end, you should have an idea as to what you know and what you don’t. Focus on the gaps in your learning.  What if you knew nothing about the Interdependency of the Contemporary era… You found that out by going over the curriculum… You learned it… AND THEN THAT WAS AN ESSAY!!! THAT WOULD BE AMAZING… So, study like that might happen.  

Today is your OUTSIDE INFORMATION… What could you learn today that would have helped you on Thursday… Let’s find out…


Posted on May 14, 2018 .