4. 8 Fold Path #4- Multiple Choice


4 Days. 96 Hours. 5,760 Minutes.

55 Questions.  55 Minutes.  You need to be answering 1 question every minute. This can be intimidating especially if you know it takes you longer to read a question.  Don’t worry.  There is good news.

1. Answer all the questions.
THERE IS NO PENALTY FOR AN INCORRECT ANSWER! Answer them all.  If you guess there is a chance you get it right.  In fact, if time is low (under a minute) I would look at what you have left to do and pick a letter and put it for all of them.  You have ten left and the proctor is about to ruin your life? Guess what? Those ten are all “B”.  Yep, every blanking one of them.  B.  Why? … at least one of them is B! That B could be the difference maker.  So, don’t leave them blank.  Pick a letter and run with it.

2. Read all of them.
Biggest complaint I got last year?
“There was  a ton of reading on this thing!” And, they were right. The multiple choice section has 6,000 words.  That’s the equivalent to a 16 page book.  Be prepared to read.  But, read them all.  If one is tricky, don’t sit around trying to remember why Novgorod was important… Move on.  Keep moving… 

Don’t get caught on a question for 5 minutes.  What if you are tripped up on 5 questions that take you 15 minutes and you don’t get to the last few questions.  What if you knew those questions at the end? You are only handcuffing yourself.  Read through.  Answer what you know and move on… Then, come back at the end and look at the tough ones… And if all else fails…. B!

3. Don’t let the time get to you
It may be freaking you out.  You can do it. Answer what you can and the rest will work itself out.  And, once its over and you turn the corner for the Essays; let it go.  If you didn’t get to them all, let it go. If one question seemed like it was in Latin; let it go. The Multiple Choice is over. It's the SAQ's turn to feel your wrath!

Posted on May 13, 2018 .