FREEMANPEDIA began as a class project after the AP World History test in 2008. Today, I've turned it into the conduit for all of my AP World and World History II information with a mission to translate the wealth of World History for students in the 21st Century.  

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One problem teachers often have is what to do between the Standardized Tests (for us that's the Virginia SOL and AP World History test).  I got the idea in a Grad class to have the students work on a project that would "pay it forward".  Each year students could work on this "wiki" together and build an ultimate website that would encapsulate everything they would ever need for their class.  

During Summer Break, I couldn't resist and started messing with it (formatting, standardizing, etc.). That's when we entered a new phase...



On, Freemanpedia went from a page where only a few of my students would look at it occasionally, to having over 25,000 hits a day during the peak testing season.  Once the "class project" phase was over, my goal was to create a website where a student could essentially learn everything they needed to know from one site.  I searched the web hoping I could just link to this site... But, it didn't exist.  So, I spent the next few years making it.  If you want to start a website, I highly recommend starting with wikispaces.  If you are a teacher they give you 2GB of storage.  My website had so much information on it and I never even got close to half of that.  

I realized that I wasn't actually using the site as a Wiki.... So, here we are... Freemanpedia 3.0.


Today, FREEMANPEDIA has taken on a life of its own.  My goal is to continue to polish, refine, update, improve to make FREEMANPEDIA the best it can be.  Much of this help comes from teachers I work with (Kelly Rosati, Tracey Jolley, Kyle Linder); but, I also have gained much guidance from the greater world of educators online.  If you are an AP World History teacher; join the Facebook group.  You will get more help from these lovely people than any weirdo conference your District/County/School will try to send you to over the years.  These people are pros.